'FIBA' is an acronym for “Fellowship of Indian Brethren Families in North America”. For convenience it is abbreviated as 'FIBA'.
FIBA was not started overnight. It has been a burden in the hearts of a number of Brethren in USA and Canada to have a ministry like this. We have been praying for it and on the basis of its first meeting in New Jersey, we wrote to the Indian Brethren assemblies about this spiritual outreach. A second meeting was conducted at Indian Brethren Assembly, Bronx on Dec 20, 2003. The Lord strengthened us and in an effort to charter and make specific plans for this ministry, brethren from different assemblies in USA and Canada met for a third time on March 27, 2004 at the India Gospel Assembly, Elmont, New York and the Fellowship of Indian Brethren Assemblies in North America (FIBA) was formed there.
Yes, FIBA is a registered not for profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.
The following are the goals of FIBA as stated in the Mission Statement.
1. Organize various spiritual activities such as seminars, retreats, conferences and other ministries for the spiritual edification of the entire family.
2. Explore ways for effective outreach ministries for spreading the Gospel in accordance with the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
3. Arrange programs and other activities in conjunction with local assemblies, focusing on youth and children in order to help them to be spiritually mature believers and to follow the New Testament pattern of worship and gathering.
4. Encourage spiritually gifted brethren from our assemblies in North America and utilize their ministry for the spiritual growth of all believers.
No, FIBA is an independent ministry. It was not started to replace other ministries. The vision of FIBA is to cater to the local assemblies. FIBA will function as a vehicle to encourage and equip local assemblies for spiritual growth and witnessing.
Yes, FIBA is in its infancy. Our vision has led us to see the tremendous need for ministry support in North America. Yet, we have started supporting other ministries like SBS, a ministry among children in India. We support and help disaster relief operations. We hope to support more ministries in the future.
We have identified key areas that need immediate support and help. We support the Sunday School Ministry. We have published Sunday School textbooks and workbooks for grades 1 to 8. This support will be at the local assembly level.