The first meeting was held in September 2003 to discuss and seek our Lords guidance for this ministry. FIBA was not planned overnight. It has been a burden in the hearts of a number of Brethren in USA and Canada to have such a ministry. After the first meeting held in New Jersey, we wrote to the Indian Brethren assemblies about this spiritual outreach.

A second meeting was conducted at Indian Brethren Assembly, Bronx on Dec 20, 2003. The Lord strengthened us to make specific plans for this ministry. Brethren from various assemblies in USA and Canada met for a third time on March 27, 2004 at the India Gospel Assembly, Elmont, New York and the Fellowship of Indian Brethren Families in North America (FIBA) was formed.

We gratefully remember that our Lord has brought to us to this great and wonderful country in His time. Living here, we should not forget our roots. The Lord in His grace has raised several assemblies of Indian believers. It is our desire to pass to the future generations, the truths and principles of the word of God, which we were taught by our fathers.

FIBA is not started with a view to just have a conference. It is one of the activities. We consider family conferences important and we will have the programs for the entire family - for adults, youths, sisters and children. FIBA is involved in the Sunday School Ministry and has published Sunday School Workbooks and Text books for use in our Sunday Schools. Through this we wish our children could learn the basic doctrines. We are also deeply involved in the SBS ministry among children. We would also like to encourage the Indian brethren settled in USA and Canada to exercise the spiritual gifts given to them and utilize them for the growth of our local assemblies. We will be conducting seminars and weekend retreat in different cities in association with the local assemblies. Prayer, Vision, Passion for the vision, Determination and Submission to the Lords will are a few characteristics that define the success of any ministry. May God receive all the glory, Amen.


  • Organize various spiritual activities such as seminars, retreats, conferences and other ministries for the spiritual edification of the entire family.
  • Explore ways for effective outreach ministries for spreading the Gospel in accordance with the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • Arrange programs and other activities in conjunction with local assemblies, focusing on youth and children in order to help them to be spiritually mature believers and to follow the New Testament pattern of worship and gathering.
  • Encourage spiritually gifted brethren from our assemblies in North America and utilize their ministry for the spiritual growth of all believers.


Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson

  • President

lalachanny@gmail.com 631-645-3745

Rajan Thomas

Rajan Thomas

  • Secretary


Gijy Williams

Gijy Williams

  • Treasurer

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