A note of thanks from Srikakulam, AP, India

Warm greetings in the highly exalted name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. By His grace and through your prayers work in the wilderness is expanding. All the saints from 32 local assemblies are sending their greetings to FIBA, they are earnestly praying for FIBA Ministries. Tribal Assemblies are praising the Lord for the FIBA Ministries for strengthening the work of the lord among the tribal people groups.

We thank the Lord for the 9 couples who got married with the help from FIBA ministries a year ago. We are glad that you are interested in knowing their current status as families. They are being blessed by the Lord according to His promise and four of the nine families have been blessed with children. They send their greetings to you and also are requesting your prayers on their behalf. We are including the pictures of the families for your continued prayer support.

Top left photo from left to right are: 1) Jaggarao and Laxmi, with their son, Chandu born on 25th May 2015; this couple are in fellowship and worshiping the Lord along with the saints at Ethamanuguda village assembly. 2) Rajarao and Sarasony, now Sarasony 3 months pregnant with her first child, they are worshiping the Lord in the assembly at Lambaguda village. 3) Manoj Kumar and Mary do not have children yet, pray for Mary as she is having some challenges with child bearing; and they are worshiping the Lord in the assembly at Savagoidi village 4) Naresh and Parvathi with their son, Naveen, born on 15th March 2015; they worship the Lord along with the saints in Neelammaguda village. Bottom left picture from left to right are: 1) Syamalarao and Chandrakala with their son, Akhil Syam, born on 12th March 2015. Now they are doing ministry in and the surroundings of Jannoduguda village. 2) Mallesh and Budamma, this sister is in the 7th month of her first pregnancy, prayers are requested for a safe and normal delivery. They are in fellowship in the church at Jaggadaguda Village. 3) Rajesh and Jyothamma are worshiping the Lord in Jaggadaguda village. Jyothamma is requesting prayers as she has some challenges associated with child bearing as well. 4) Venkatrao and Parvathi, this couple are blessed with a son, Venky who was born on 8th July 2015. This family is also in active fellowship at the church in Jannoduguda village. On the right, is Suresh and Suneetha, they live in Vishakhapatnam, Suresh works in a hotel and they do not have a child yet. They are worshiping the Lord at Vimmon Nagar assembly, in Vishakapatnam.

Assembly in Talebguda village is extending their greetings. Lord used FIBA Ministries to construct assembly hall in this village. There are some pictures included for praise and prayers. By the grace of the Lord and through the prayers of the saints, work of the Lord in the wilderness is expanding in the midst of many challenges. This year Lord has graciously helped us to start the assembly testimony in 2 new places. 68 people were saved, within these three months. 124 people were baptized from the month of January to July 2015. Around 30 evangelists are laboring in His vineyard’ and the Lord is strengthening the second generation of workers, 12 young people have completed the Bible training in English medium brethren Bible institutes, yet another 15 young brothers and sisters are studying in the English medium Bible colleges. Out of this 15 young people, 5 are girls and are studying at   Sodaribhavan. This year we had a wonderful convention, youth meetings and outreach programs 4 weeks ago. Mr. Majjiyya who is the leader of 9 villages came to the Lord and removed the old elements of pagan idol worship from his house.

There are 16 orphans are staying at my house, my wife Phibee has been taking care them. It is a great challenge that Lord has kept before us. The numbers of orphans are increasing in the tribal area. Assemblies in the tribal area never forget the humble efforts of FIBA Ministries for Srikakulam district which is the most backward district in all of Andhra Pradesh. Because of FIBA Ministries work in the wilderness became familiar to the outside world and to many saints across the world.  At present there are 32 assemblies are established in the area and out them, 14 assemblies are having the gathering places (church halls) including the one FIBA sponsored to be built. Still there are 18 other assemblies without a proper gathering facility. Continually uphold us in your humble prayers.

Yours truly

Evg. Silas

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